Monday, November 1, 2010

November Visiting Teaching Kits

I can't believe it's already November! This Fall kit comes with a short summary of President Uchtdorf's talk, Things that Matter Most, from Conference, a Baked Sweet Potatoes with ginger and honey recipe, and three gratitude tokens. Although there is a little conference message in this kit, we are advised to pray and decide which conference talk will best help our sisters.

Price: $5.50

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Sister said...

So cute!!!

I'm very excited to receive my new Visiting Teaching Message to give to my sisters.

Thank you so much again.
Haddie ;.)

Elizabeth Ward said...

So cute! You never disappoint.

Hey, did you get my message about our Relief Society Activity being moved to a different day? It is Friday Dec. 3rd. I hope that will still work for you. I am really looking forward to seeing you and the fun thing that you bring for us to make.

Give me a call soon!

Liz ;)

Sharlynn said...

Do you have your December kits ready?