Wednesday, May 28, 2008

June Kits!

I'm very excited about June's Kits.
This kit includes the Visiting Teaching message, a yummy recipe, and an "on the go" drink packet. Your sisters will love these!
Price $4.00


Tiffany Romney said...

Very cute! I love the idea. Is this something you started recently? Tell me more about it! By the way, where is your blog about your family? I don't think I have the new address. Let me know! It was so fun to see you guys awhile back. You are an amazing person!

Freckled said...

I just purchased your June kit at Bags that Fit today. I love it and think your awesome for doing them! I looked on your Etsy page and it said that shipping is 1.50 if shipped with another item. How much is shipping if I only want 2 kits a month? I don't live near Lehi, I am in Utah County, but with gas prices I'm just wondering if it's cheaper (and easier!) to have them shipped. And how far in advance do you have the new month ready for purchase? Thanks!

raising4boys said...

I picked up this kit on Saturday for my visiting teachers. (I know they will have to be delivered on the last day of the month.

Just wanted to tell you how creative you are. I want to keep one for myself. You are awesome :)