Sunday, October 26, 2008

Christmas Neighbor Gifts Are Here!

Here are the *new* Christmas Gifts this year. Also, these are great for your Home Teaching families. For large quantities just send me an email. :) For a more in-depth description visit my etsy shop. Merry Christmas! and.. happy halloween. What are you going to be for halloween? I'm thinking of being a stick figure. ;)


Marci said...

i bought one of the little pocket watch pictures at the boutique last weekend...i LOVE it! you have the cutest, fresh ideas and i think you are very talented!:)
i know this is waaayyy in advance but i am having a home show in my backyard next september and i would love, love, love to have you there. it's going to very cheap, i just want to cover costs of advertising. will you contact me if you are interested? then i can give you more info.

Tracy said...

I just received my order...the Christmas Bells!! I love them, so cute and very well made!! What talent you have!!

Sara said...

those are great jen! hey you know that frame you gave me last year? it probably took a lot of time and work, but you should whip up a couple simplified versions of those and put them in your shop- i bet they'd be a hit! razzle dazzle!

melissa said...

i just love those frames!!!

Anonymous said...

Your gift ideas are adorable! I just wanted to point out a possible typo on the Pocket Watch. It is in the sentence that starts with "They say his watch...our wished to fulfill" Shouldn't it be our wishes to fulfill with an S?

Also, I love your Visiting Teaching Kits!!

Lynn said...

I just received my order! Thanks SO much! I love it and I am using the extra Christmas Bells in a pay it forward. Thanks again!

Merry Christmas to you!